National Auto Division Vehicle Service Contract Comparison Checklist

National Auto Division Vehicle Service Contract

National Auto Division prides itself in being the best option when purchasing an Extended Service Plan. We have designed this "checklist" as a guide for consumers when conducting their research and encourage you to print this page.

Once you make the comparison, feel free to call a National Auto Division representative at 800.430.4428 to receive any additional information.

Questions to Ask an Extended Vehicle Service Agreement CompanyNational Auto DivisionOther Company #1Other company #2
Network of 30 Years ExperienceYES--
Your Choice of Repair FacilityYES--
Direct Payment to Repair Facility via Corporate Credit CardYES (Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Corporate Check)--
National Repair FacilitiesYES--
Insured/Reinsured (A Rating)YES--
One Comprehensive Plan for All ItemsYES, Coverage, Roadside Assistance, and Benefits are All Part of One Plan- -
30 Day Money Back GuaranteeYES--
Wear and Tear CoverageYES--
Free FinancingYES, No Interest/No Hassle Payment Plans--
ZERO Deductible OptionYES, we have $0, $50, and $100 options--
One Deductible per Visit YES, we do NOT charge per assembly - -
Free Roadside Assistance for Life of Policy YES, for the entire term of your policy - -
Renewable Coverage YES - -
No Middleman MarkupsYES--
All Coverages Offered Online YES - -