National Auto Division Vehicle Service Contract

Cost of Repairs

Why is an Extended vehicle service agreement necessary? How much do typical repairs cost?

Our 25 years of experience and historical data show that vehicles will require 5-6 repairs between the expiration of the factory vehicle service agreement and 125,000 miles on the odometer.

The facts are that vehicle repairs (both parts and labor) keep rising dramatically. Labor Rates in many markets are rising at an alarming pace to top $100 per hour. According to recent surveys, consumers must keep their vehicle an average of 9 years due to rising replacement costs. Since most people cannot afford to be without transportation, necessary repair bills can amount to thousands of dollars over that many years of ownership.

Today's vehicles contain many electronic, computers, and high tech components that are complex in design that need replacement due to failure. As technology enhances the design of our vehicles, associated repair costs will raise dramatically.

ComponentCurrent Cost *Cost in 5 Years
A/C System$1,025$1,475
CV Joints$625$714
Electrical System$700$916
Fuel Injectors$1,100$1,575
Instrument Cluster $325$467
Power Steering System$1,075 $1,485

National Auto Division offers programs that fit the budget and needs of all our consumers. Consider an Extended vehicle service agreement as insurance that will provide you and your family 'peace of mind' against the high cost of repairs for years to come.

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*Estimated costs that vary depending on vehicle and local rates.
**Forecasted Costs based on Industry standard rate increases.