National Auto Division Vehicle Service Contract

Advice for Purchasing an Extended Vehicle Service Agreement

1. Before you begin looking at extended vehicle service agreement contracts, you should use your own experience as a resource. Make a list of what you believe are the 5 most important features in any vehicle service agreement or extended vehicle service agreement. Then, begin looking at direct market companies who can offer you a vehicle service agreement with no middleman such as National Auto Division.
The secret of saving money on an extended service vehicle service agreement contract is
to avoid auto dealers and companies that act as a third party in the purchase.

2. Find a company that understands the concept of solution
which means a company that can and will solve your service
and repair problems with no hassle. Quick and efficient solutions are
the long-term components of business. In other words, find a company that
offers premier service and can hold on to you as a customer for life.

3. Don't forget the importance of your automobile's
regular maintenance. An extended vehicle service agreement does not cover regular maintenance
such as tire rotation and regular oil changes. Long-term ownership (5
years or more) does demand regular maintenance of the vehicle. Owning
an extended service vehicle service agreement contract does not mean you don't have
to regularly maintain your vehicle.

4. An extended vehicle service agreement contract will be less
expensive if you purchase it while your automobile is still under comprehensive
manufacturer vehicle service agreement. However, purchasing an extended vehicle service agreement from the
dealer will cost you more than if you purchase a contract directly from
a company such as vehicle service agreementWarehouse. You can speak to your vehicle service agreement service
contract specialist about the date your contract will come into effect.

5. Only buy a policy that can be transferred to your
automobile's new owner should you decide to sell you vehicle. Not
only is this cost-effective, but it is an important aspect to the sale
of any used vehicle. As a buyer, wouldn't you rather buy a used car that
has a vehicle service agreement?

6. Don't wait until your automobile is making
a strange noise or not switching gears appropriately before you look into purchasing an extended service vehicle service agreement. Most vehicle service agreements
don't cover pre-existing problems or previously required repairs. Think ahead.

7. Read everything. Like a reporter, concentrate on the
who, what, when, where, why, and how. Always review the complete contract
so that you'll have no surprises. You may have a few exclusions
in your contract. However, that isn't the problem; problems will
arise when you have exclusion you are not aware of. Demand a complete
contract and read it before you sign.

8. You should never pay for your service up-front. Your
extended service vehicle service agreement contractor should pay the repair facility directly.
Remember, the facility should have an authorization prior to your personal
authorization for repair to your vehicle. Be an educated consumer. You've
paid for your extended service vehicle service agreement contract. Don't pay for
your service as well.

9. Review your contract and speak with your vehicle service agreement
contract specialist so that you can create a specific list of certified
repair facilities that honor your contract. Knowledge is power so know
what is covered and where you can take your vehicle for service. You will
be happy with your contract if you know your coverage.

10. Remember, even if you plan to sell your car, regular
maintenance and a vehicle service agreement are extremely important issues for consumers
who want to own their vehicles for longer periods of time or who may want
to sell their vehicles in the future. The service history and the extended
vehicle service agreement may be the most important selling point for any used car.