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National Auto Division prides itself on customer service and the coverage we have to offer. Regardless on the program, you will still receive top-notch customer service and free enrollment into our Roadside Assistance Program. The only differences will be in the level and length of coverage.

Extended Service Plans provide service vehicle service agreement protection beyond the dealer vehicle service agreement. This is important because, as your vehicle gets older, it is more likely to need mechanical repair. Extended Service Plans tend to be more expensive through dealerships because dealerships cannot offer direct vehicle service agreement purchasing.

In either circumstance, call our customer service department at <strong>1-800-430-4428 </strong>and they will calculate a prorated refund that can be applied to another policy or be returned via check.

Yes! The National Auto Division policy is transferable to the new owner of your vehicle. The buyer of your car will receive the same benefits you receive. It is also an attractive selling point for your vehicle which will also increase the value of your vehicle.

If you decide that our comprehensive coverage is not right for you, call us at <strong> 800.430.4428 </strong> and we will assist you with cancellation procedures.

Yes, renewal of the vehicle coverage is obtainable within 30 days and 1,000 miles of expiration of the current policy which will also increase the value of your vehicle.


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